Sunday, October 29, 2006

A voyage to inner depth and consciousness

When placing your order with the universe, keep in mind the benefits of military service!
There's also an equation that comes in quite handy everytime you're having trouble calculating the above: Purpose = Permanent Message + Temporary Medium
Now one can argue that if everyone awakens we will all starve. Even at an NSA Workshop where they teach you how to make more intelligent info product purchases you can find soulful relationships. But it never helps you to get the photoreading questions answered.

regarding the Remove-the-people photoshopping contest

Foxtrot's scary geek Halloween costume is what I always wanted to have, but I couldn't. Because yesterday after remixing the Archive event I decided to watch an anti-Daylight Savings drive-in ad from the 50s. Later that evening, they said Bush legalizes martial law. I was shocked, I really couldn't believe it. I seemed even harsher than last year's most shocking news: No blogging allowed at "consumer generated media" conference

May be next time when I sit on L'il Sparky: miniature 9V electric chair, I just confess that there are new Starbucks stores to open across the street from each other.Good night everybody!

Neutrino Flux decides to blog

without any idea about what.